Trump fined for violating gag order

Donald Trump’s attorney Alina Habba spent considerable time walking Michael Cohen through his past statements about Trump – both when he was a loyalist by Trump’s side and after he became one of the former president’s chief antagonists. 

Habba raised several of Cohen’s public statements in 2015 praising Mr. Trump, telling reporters that he’d “take a bullet” for Trump, worshipped him and would never leave him, including a July 2015 CNN interview where he said Trump was worth $10 billion.

The former president sat back in his chair with his arms crossed, shaking his head as Cohen testified that he said he supported Trump and his family and would never leave his now-former boss.

Habba also pressed Cohen on why he wasn’t given a job in the White House. In 2017, Cohen was named as Trump’s personal attorney after he became president.

“There’s no shame in being personal attorney to the president,” Cohen said.

Asked if he was given a White House job, Cohen said: “I didn’t ask for a position,” prompting an objection that he didn’t answer the question.

“I don’t know how I’m going to be given if I didn’t ask for it,” Cohen responded. 

Habba also asked Cohen if he still makes money related to Trump despite his animosity, pointing to his books and podcast, noting Cohen had said that “every podcast” at some point included a reference to Trump.  

“You have made a career out of publicly attacking President Trump,” Habba said.

“Yes,” Cohen said after a long pause.

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